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What is Glocalzone Exclusive?
Glocalzone A.February 1, 2021

What is Glocalzone Exclusive?

We know that sometimes it’s hard to agree with the travelers or shoppers. You might not have enough time, or it could be tiring to deal with all the bargains and simultaneous chats.

That’s why we developed Glocalzone Exclusive! 👇🏼

If you are a shopper 🛍️:

✅ We reach you for your active order, and you pay with Exclusive directly to Glocalzone.
✅ Leave the bargaining with travelers to us, shop at the rate suggested by the system.
✅ Glocalzone will deliver your order to you or you can meet with the traveler, take it yourself.

If you are a traveler ✈️:

✅ Let us contact you for your travel, get your payment with Exclusive directly from Glocalzone.
✅ Get rid of the hassle of bargaining, make your best profit at the rate that Glocalzone suggests.
✅ Let Glocalzone help you deliver your orders to shoppers. Or you can meet with them, deliver by yourself.

Always contact the Glocalzone team for any additional payments that may occur, let us manage the process from end to end.

You can try our service free for the first month. With the feedback we will receive from you, we will develop our Exclusive system for you to get the products you are looking for quickly or make you earn more from your trip.

Do you have an active order or travel? Wait for news from us! Just press “YES” in the app notifications or e-mails we will send you. 🎉

Please don’t forget to turn on your notifications. 🤘

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