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Glocalzone A.February 25, 2021

We all have something in common. We do love traveling. There is one point that takes the big part of our travel planning is that accommodation. Luckily, we have some good news for Glocalzone users! ­čĄę We are happy to announce our collaboration with Bidroom, where you can discover unlimited accommodation opportunities at the most affordable prices. ­čÄë­čĄŁ

LetÔÇÖs get to know our partnership:

A subscription to Bidroom pays off within one hotel booking. Bidroom Travelers can book from a choice of 150,000 hotels worldwide, at a rate typically 25% lower than anywhere else online. With Bidroom, you will enjoy additional membership perks at hotels, from free room upgrades, complimentary welcome drinks,­čŹ╣ and free parkingÔÇöto discounts on hotel services at the restaurant and spa. ­čžľ­čĆ╗ÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆ

As a partner, Glocalzone users are offered a membership to Bidroom, completely for free. To redeem 1st year of upgraded membership for free, CLICK HERE ­čĹł­čĆ╗ Register with a few clicks and unlock bigger discounts and a world of hotels at the lowest price possible, along with an all-around improved travel experience.

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