We have compiled everything you need to do to be involved in the Glocalzone experience.
How Does Glocalzone Work for Travelers?
Glocalzone A.March 11, 2021

With Glocalzone, reduce your travel expenses on every travel, or even travel for free. Our goal is that you earn money as you travel, and travel as you earn money!
Glocalzone shoppers request all kinds of products, from the latest electronic devices such as laptops or smart watches to game consoles, from supplements to clothes and shoes of world famous brands. When making deals with shoppers, make sure that the products you agreed to bring fit easily inside your suitcase.

You can start your Glocalzone experience by adding your travel.

After adding your travel, you can negotiate with the shoppers and purchase the product after shopper makes the payment.

When your travel ends, you can deliver the product and get your money.