We have compiled everything you need to do to be involved in the Glocalzone experience.
How Does Glocalzone Work For Shoppers?
Glocalzone A.March 11, 2021

Glocalzone is the best way to access products that are not available in your country or that are too expensive to buy locally. With Glocalzone, you can order almost anything:

From electronic devices to supplements, from the toy that your child wants so much to the clothes of world-famous brands! However, there are some products that you cannot add or order within the framework of the rules. You can find them in our article Glocalzone Guidelines for Adding Product

After selecting the product you want, you can create your order so you can start matching with the travelers.

After you match with the travelers, you should start conversations and you can start negotiating the traveler reward. Then the traveler confirms the order and you pay.

Don’t worry, Glocalzone protects your payment until you receive your product. After you confirm that you received your order and that there is no problem, the payment will be transferred to the traveler.

After you got your orders, you should rate your experience with the traveler, and all done!