Find out the rules for truth-based Glocalzone community!


Rules For Trust-Based Glocalzone Community

June 20, 2023

Be polite and respectful to others

Glocalzone is a platform that brings together the trustable travelers who want to turn their travels into earnings and the trustable shoppers who wish to reach overseas products. Rude behaviors of any user of our community will not be tolerated due to our rules and safety policy.

Keep In Touch With Users

We encourage shoppers and travelers to reply to each other within 48 hours. To speed up the shopping process, we say respond fast and keep communication tight. 💪🏼

Contacting 24 hours before the delivery day to set the meeting details with the traveler will speed up the delivery process considerably. 📦

Do Not Trade Outside of Glocalzone

Glocalzone offers a secure payment and chatting portal to ensure the safety of both parties. Trading outside of the Glocalzone is a violation of rules. Your account will be suspended for such actions. Please contact us if you are offered to chat outside Glocalzone.