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2. Find available travelers, send them products and deal with them.

3. Pay with your credit card.

4. Meet with the traveler and get your product.

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while your are traveling

1. Add your travel.

2. Answer order requests and make a deal for traveler reward.

3. Buy item(s) with your own money.

4. Deliver the products and get paid.


Chicago, United States


Frankfurt, Germany

Global C...


Min: 0TL - Max: 20TL


Grafing bei Munchen


Istanbul, Turkey

Bahar B...


Min: 5TL - Max: 5000TL


Istanbul, Turkey


Berlin, Germany

Işıl M...


Min: 100TL - Max: 700TL


Paris, France


Ankara, Turkey

Cemile A...


Min: 100TL - Max: 5000TL


Istanbul, Turkey


Tokyo, Japan

Emine Ç...


Min: 50TL - Max: 250TL

Reasons for loving Glocalzone

Trusted Community

Join our trustful community as a traveler and shopper. Meet cool people while saving money.

Secure Payment

Make and recieve payments securely inside the app. You have a money back guarante!

24/7 Support

Our experienced customer support team is always here to help you.


Now, it's quite easy to reach any product from anywhere via trustful travelers.

Better Delivery

Faster and cheaper delivery than traditional shipment companies.

Multiple Payment Options

We are accept a range of payment methods. It's easy to order items from trustful travelers.

I ordered a 15' inch MacBook Pro from the USA via Glocalzone and almost saved 2600 TL. While I made profits, the traveler turned his travel into earnings.

- Bernardo Lion, Shopper

On my return way from Germany, I posted my travel on Glocalzone and I had received 3 requests that worth 640 euros in total. At the end I have earned 60 euros. It was not tiring at all unlike it was pretty profitable.

- Nilsu Sertatil, Traveler& Shopper

For my own business, we had brought cameras that worth 500 pounds from UK via Glocalzone travelers and which does not exist in Turkey. It was 5 times cheaper compared to cargo and faster.

- Jeff Gerald,Shopper

I'm a professional traveler. I added more than 10 travels on Glocalzone and I earned $3000 totally. I bought my last flight ticket with my Glocalzone earnings. <3

- Sibel Sinirca, Traveler & Shopper

I ordered a kidney medicine for my cat Boncuk. We couldn't find that in Turkey that's why Boncuk survived the danger of death. A helpful Glocalzone traveler save Boncuk! Thanks.<3

- Mehmet Demir, Shopper

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